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I'm Maggie McFarland.  I am an artist/illustrator/surface and textile designer living in working in Newport Beach, California.  I named my line "Lulu LaRock" after a mythical mermaid I made up in my mind.  I base my art on all things that appeal to me, one being the coast.  Besides that, I love children and animals and sometimes will add them to the mix.  Besides making prints of my work, I also print on textiles such as kitchen towels, coasters, and other items.  I also design and make jewelry and like to try my hand at many things.  Generally I work by myself in the presence of my two companion dogs.  I am working on expanding by working with print on demand businesses to expand my product offerings.  I began Lulu LaRock in 2011 and established my website soon after.  I sell to coastal home stores as well as several other online channels.  I hope you enjoy my work!



Maggie McFarland Design-Lulu LaRock

Newport Beach, CA

t: 949-723-2333        e:

On all social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, I can be found under the name LuluLaRock